Structured Cabling and Network Cabling in Essex and London. From a Single Point to One Thousand, Installed Without Fuss
and Guaranteed For 25 Years.

Excel Cabling Partner Essex
Essex data cabling using award winning Excel products

Only The Best

Our reputation depends on the products we provide. So you won’t find low quality options in our package offerings. In fact, you’ll only find one brand of award winning cable and accessories.

Our experienced & certified installers aim to carry out their installations with as little disruption and the maximum flexibility possible, our aim being to ensure that our customers can trust us to complete any install on time and on budget.

Every member of our team understands that providing a great service is how we grow our business.

A Broken Network = A Bad Day at Work

The structured cabling in your office, factory, warehouse, school or college is one of your most vital pieces of infrastructure, just take a minute to think about how you would be affected if you couldn’t, send emails, access the web, access your servers and files, should the worst happen and your network was to stop working how many people wouldn’t be able to work how much would it cost every hour?

A typical office with just 10 people earning £10 per hour would cost £100 every hour.

It’s not only total loss of service, you need to worry about, poor cabling can affect the speed and consistency of your services, that unnecessary waiting for every file to load, the wasted time waiting for web pages to refresh.

It may only be few seconds here and there, but this is could be happening hundreds of times a day, times this by the number of users and the amount of wasted time becomes very large very quickly.

With such a critical piece of infrastructure does it make any sense to use anyone other than a structured cabling specialist?

Specialist knowledge and experience plus award winning end to end materials = peace of mind for you.

Give Us a Call Today on 01268 840089, we can help with any of your network requirements, from a single point, to restructuring and designing a new resilient, and secure network.

Data cabling Essex DSX 500 Tester

How and Why We Test and Certify our Network Data Points

How we Test.

We've just taken delivery of the very latest all singing all dancing Fluke DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer. This allows us to test IEC Level V – the most stringent accuracy requirement.

The main benefit to our customers of our very expensive new tester is the accuracy and speed of testing which means we can work faster, which means we're finished quicker and can charge less per point.

Why we Test.

We could simply test our installations with a very cheap Mod tap tester (like most electricians) that confirms the cables aren't wired incorrectly but doesn't test all the fine details that effect the speed and longivity of your cable installation.

With all our installations we offer a 25 year manufacturer backed warranty. To issue this we have to undertake specialist and ongoing training as well as supplying full test results to the manufacturers. This ensures your installation is indepently reviewed and analysed

IT Managers Only Past This Point

We know we don't need to convince you on how important it is to have properly certified network cabling installed.

We also understand that the job of IT Manager or administrator is mainly a thankless task, a well planned and managed network doesn't get a second thought from its user or the organisations management. However as soon as someone can't log in or connect to the internet (normally because they have touched something, forgot their password, or not plugged their pc in) its a major emergency and your fault. And lets not forget it needs to fixed now.

Now if your on the internet looking for a Network / Data cabling company, it probably means your not happy with how your existing supplier is charging or the level of service you're receiving. Perhaps their salesman promise the world then they send installers that need babysitting or who make a mess, or worse still don't turn up on time.

Therefore we have a very simple philosophy. We aim to make dealing with us as simple and hassle free as possible, because if we make your life easier you'll choose to keep using us.

We charge a fair and competitive price.

We'll never sell you anything you don't need, and we'll tell you if you ask for something that we know you don't need, we're not very good salesmen in that respect but it helps us sleep at night.

At the end of the day a properly tested and certified cable is going to perform the same whoever the company is that installs it.

If we can be as flexible as possible and make your life as easy as possible, then we'll work together for a long time which is a win win situation.

The best way to see if we can work together is to meet, we're happy to provide and advice and a quotation, so give us a call 01268 840089.