The Cabinet


Designed by us, developed and manufactured by an Essex based family run steel cabinet maker.

Made from fully recyclable steel.

Coated in antimicrobial ThermaShield powder coating for long lasting protection.  Giving 99.99% protection against bacteria, biofilm, mould and viruses for the lifetime of the product.  Made in the UK and tested to ISO22196.

Lockable liquid storage area.

Free-standing or bolt down options with power and data access from below and the rear of the unit.

Touch Free Fully Controllable Dispensing

Ease of use was a priority for us. We have included a large  opening with a removable drip tray and drain tank.

Notifications are sent when it needs emptying.

Our integrated commercial grade IR sensor ensures  sanitiser is only dispensed when needed.

Class Leading 27″ Glass Fronted Commercial Grade Monitor

We have included a 27” Full HD High resolution monitor as  standard in our kiosk, (largest on the market), to provide a large  canvas for attracting attention and displaying your messages.

Making it possible to include static images, text and videos all at the  same time.

Available with our simple to use cloud based signage software,  or for use with your existing digital signage platform. We have  left plenty of space for every brand of digital signage player.

Use the screen to display all types of messages.

Commercial Dispensing Pump

The pump is the primary moving part in the unit, and the  part we see failing the most on ordinary dispensers (most  of which are just adapted soap dispensers, and we’ve all  experienced how messy and unreliable they are).

For this reason, we partnered with Verder UK, one of the  worlds leading specialist pump manufacturers, to  produce a pump specially designed and manufactured for  our requirements. With a life expectancy of over 1 million

dispenses and the ability to control the amount of sanitiser  dispensed down to 0.1ml, it is more than up to the task.

Custom Management Software

To give us maximum control and reliability, we developed  our own management software which allows us to:

-Control how much sanitiser is dispensed to 0.1ml

-Record usage

-Monitor sanitiser tank levels and send alerts when action  is required.

-Monitor and alert when waste tank is full.

This all reduces the level of maintenance required

Data And Analytics

It is vital to know that people entering an area are taking the  necessary precautions, and using the sanitiser.

Our simple graphical reports allow you to easily spot trends in usage:

-quickly identify if a unit is being used as much as before

-compare the number of dispenses to the number of people in  the area

-where multiple units are on-site, a simple floor plan graphic can  show which units need refilling

This therefore allows you to take action to increase awareness or  enforcement.


Both the control system and signage player require a  connection to the internet. Wired and Wi-Fi connections  are available. Wi-Fi connectivity can be to the guest or  corporate network.

A 4G connection option is also available.

Extremely Large Sanitiser Tank

In busy areas keeping a constant supply of sanitiser can  be a drain on resources. This is why we provide a tank  capable of holding enough sanitiser for up to 25,000  uses between refills.

In order to keep maintenance as simple as possible the fill  level of the tank is constantly monitored and an email alert is  sent when the tank reaches approximately 25% left and 10%.

Fully Customisable

As standard our units come in white, however as we manufacture  locally we can offer a fully customisable design service:

-include company logos

-full unit vinyl wraps

-custom powder coat is also possible in most colours

-for a premium finish, we can laser cut your logo into the  bottom section of the unit and backlight in a similar way to  the hand logo

External and stainless steel versions are available on request.

In fact we can pretty much do anything you require we’ll just build  it for you. All you have to do is ask. Call us now 01268 840089


All dimensions are in mm.   Approximate Weight  Empty 65Kg   Full 90 Kg

Requires a single UK power socket.

Power can be fed from below or to socket on rear.  Energy consumption  Approximately 40W

We decided that it is important to support as many local British businesses as possible.

Not only does this ensure the quality of our sanitiser, it also supports our local  economy and reduces the amount of packaging and emissions used in transporting  goods.

The Case

Designed by us and manufactured in Essex by a local family run metal cabinet maker  using British Steel.

The Paint

Antimicrobial Paint Coating contains the British made and developed Steritouch additive.

The Storage Tank

Our storage tank is manufactured in the UK using MDPE recyclable plastic.

The Sanitiser

Our chosen hand sanitiser is developed and manufactured in the UK.

The Software

Our own bespoke dispensing software developed in house.

Everything Else

Assembly, packaging (if required) and product support are all from UK based companies.  Everything else is supplied by UK distributors, helping to support our economy.


The two main items which we could not source from local companies are the screen  and pump. Even though the monitor is not produced in the UK, we have chosen a  small specialist distributor located within 20 miles of us to supply these. The pump has  been designed for us by the UK arm of a family owned specialist pump manufacturer,  they used to be produced 10 miles away from us, but are now produced in Italy.

Our Hand Sanitising Liquid

When choosing our sanitiser, we had a few boxes to tick.

It had to be produced by a specialist company with a track record of  producing this type of product, not one of the hundreds of companies  that have sprung up in recent months to produce sanitiser.

Ideally manufactured in the UK, by a team we could work closely with to  ensure maximum support.

It had to be Non-Alcohol based for a few reasons. We need to store a lot  within the unit and storing this much flammable liquid is risky. It had to be  safe for everyone to use. Alcohol based sanitisers wreck your hands which  will eventually stop people using it.

After a lot of research, we found the perfect supplier in Nilaqua. Nilaqua is already  established as a recognised supplier to the NHS with a tested and certified product  that is safe, and effective for up to 6 hours, giving long lasting protection.

-Nilaqua is not harmful to humans, plants or animals

-Contains 95% deionised water, there are no oils or gels

-It has a pH Level of between 6.5-7.3 and kind to all skin types

-It will not remove nail varnish or damage floors

-Endorsed by the Nature Watch Foundation

-Complies with EU Biocidal Regulations

-Packaging is made from 25% recycled plastic and is easy to recycle (also available in  steel cans ideal for reuse or recycling)
























Test Report BS EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 (July 2020)

Poxviridae, Herpesviridae, Filoviridae (inc. Ebola, Marburg)  Flavivirus, Paramyxoviridae, Rubella Virus, Measles Virus  Rabie Virus, All Coronaviruses (inc SARS, MERS)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Human T Cell Leukemia Virus (HTLV), Hepatitis  B Virus (HBV)

2020 – ALL dirty conditions:

EN1276 (>5 log) , EN1650 (6.28 log), EN1656 (>5 log), EN1657 (6.27 log, dirty).

SASO 2618 (GSO 1948) – 7.48 log reduction Surface Solution.









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