Interactive learning at the touch of a screen

Turn learning into fun and save time on travelling to meetings with Octopus Networks and CTouch

From whiteboards to video conferencing, if you are looking for ways to engage students in the classroom or have the ability to connect with people across the world from the comfort or your own office, Octopus Networks can help.

From video conferencing to interactive learning using state-of-the-art CTouch screens, Octopus Networks is here to advise and install the perfect touchscreen solution for you.

The CTouch Laser Nova is specifically designed for teachers and students

How can Octopus Networks and CTouch help?

Share your content safely

Share digital content in meeting rooms wirelessly and safely with the Leddura 2Share.

Technology for teaching

The Laser Nova digital touchscreen combines interactive technology with the greatest ease of use.
octopus networks video touchscreen meeting icon

No more trivial meetings

The Leddura 2Meet gives you everything you need for effective meetings in one interactive whiteboard.
octopus networks touchscreen icon

Interactive learning

The Laser Sky provides all the fundamentals for bringing interactivity into the classroom.

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