Create a virtual meeting simply and securely

Create a conference space with just one click using Quicklaunch

For a simple and secure way to set up an interactive meeting room, Octopus Networks recommends using the Quicklaunch™ application.

Find out how Octopus Networks can help you use Quicklaunch to set up multiple types of meeting, launch websites, access your data, share devices and much more using either Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar.

Watch the video to find out more about the benefits of Quicklaunch

How can Octopus Networks and Quicklaunch help?

octopus networks calendar icon green

Get a date in the diary

Simply invite people into the room using Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.
octopus networks file sharing on computer icon

Share your files

Add websites, videos, files and user guides to your meeting room experience.
octopus networks wireless icon

Connect over wifi

Use your favourite wireless or a wired connection to connect to files and shares.

Create your own look

Customise your meeting templates by room types or departments.

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